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Meet Nolan West

Nolan West currently lives right off 119th Ave in Blaine a half mile from Hwy 65. He has been a life-long resident of Blaine since his family moved here 32 years ago. His wonderful parents, Jay and Robyn, have lived just off Radisson since 1990. Two of his three older brothers also live in Blaine with their families.

Nolan is deeply invested in his community. He has lived through Blaine's growth from less than 30,000 to over 70,000+ people. Growing up in the North Metro, Radisson and Bunker were just two-lane country roads in the middle of an ocean of sod fields. Now the North Metro has exploded in prosperity and Nolan is proud to represent our community in the Minnesota House of Representatives

Nolan is endorsed by law enforcement, the business community, and labor. In his short time in the Minnesota House, Nolan ensured the North Metro got its fair share. He has secured funds to rebuild 105th Ave in front of the National Sports Center. He set projects in motion to expand both Hwy 10 and I-35W. He fought to finally get money for Highway 65, with major work expected to start at 99th Ave in 2024. Nolan has worked and lived his whole life in our community. He knows what our community needs, and will continue working hard to keep Blaine, Ham Lake, and Columbus a great place to live and build a family.

Legislative Accomplishments
  • Helped acquire over $25 Million for Hwy 65 construction.
  • Eliminated Social Security State Income Tax on over a 100,000 Minnesota seniors.
  • Secured funding for reconstruction of 105th Ave (HF187).
  • Started a program to help veterans leaving the military find employment in the building trades (HF1638).
  • Lowered effective property taxes on manufactured housing (HF1489).
  • Modernized document storage law allowing government documents to be stored electronically, saving taxpayers millions (HF1518).
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