Legislative Accomplishments
  • Secured funding for reconstruction of 105th Ave (HF187).
  • Pressured MNDOT to finally begin work on Highway 65.
  • Started a program to help veterans leaving the military find employment in the building trades (HF1638).
  • Lowered effective property taxes on manufactured housing (HF1489).
  • Modernized document storage law allowing government documents to be stored electronically, saving taxpayers millions (HF1518).
  • Streamlined government mandates to encourage construction of solar energy generation in northern Minnesota (HF1882).
Session Highlights
  • Provided a $1.4 billion increase for K-12 Education.

  • Eliminated the automatic tax increase in the State General Levy.

  • Created a tax credit for parents who save money for their children's college.

  • Students with loans will now qualify for a new tax credit to help repay their student debt.

  • Increased the Dependent Care Credit maximum so people are not penalized for caring for their grandparents and children.

  • Helped bring technical and trades into high schools to help students be employable immediately after graduation.

  • Put a cap on severance pay for highly compensated state employees. When failures in government happen, people shouldn't be rewarded with golden parachutes.

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