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Enough Mudslinging Already!

Personal Attacks

I won't participate in any negative campaigning or mudslinging. People want their leaders to be focused on the issues, not tearing their opponent's down for political gain.

Don't hesitate to reach out to me if you have any questions on any issue. I am here to represent you.


Staying Focused on the Issues

People are tired of politicians telling them why they shouldn't vote for their opponent rather than why they should vote for them! Nolan won't participate in mudslinging just to win a campaign. His opponent and other outside groups have spent tens of thousands of dollars attacking and smearing Nolan rather than focusing on what they can do for Blaine.

Nolan will stay above the fray and campaign on the issues people care about like Highway 65, lowering health insurance premiums, and tax relief.

Learn more about Nolan and what he is doing for Blaine here!

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