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Representative Nolan West

Working for You!

First elected in 2017, Representative West has prioritized the needs of his constituents by getting results, including multiple infrastructure projects along HWY 65. He is tirelessly advocating for you down at the capitol.

Nolan's Priorities

1. Rebuilding Highway 65 
Hwy 65 has been Rep. West's Number One priority since he was elected., and he has delivered. Over the last four years, Rep. West helped acquire over $25 million dollars for Highway 65. As a result, the 99th Ave Intersection will be under construction by 2024 at the latest. This will be the first major work on Hwy 65 since 2009, when the interchange at 125th Ave was built. Rep. West will use this new momentum to fight for more funding so we can rebuild the intersections at 117th Ave and 109th Ave as well. Learn about the latest plans for Hwy 65 here.

2. Public Safety
Years of awful policy and blatant animosity towards our police have created an increasingly dangerous situation, especially in Minneapolis. Judges and prosecutors are putting criminals back on the street - even violent criminals. According to the 2020 Sentencing Guidelines report from the Department of Public Safety, around 43% of convicted felons, with presumptive prison sentences, end up back on the street instead of in a cell, because of wrong-headed judges and prosecutors. This cannot continue. Rep. West understands we should be supporting the police and enforcing the laws already on the books.

3. Returning Your Tax Dollars
Minnesota will likely have a surplus of over $10 billion dollars next year. That means the state took an extra $10 billion from Minnesota taxpayers, at a time when everyone is getting hammered by inflation and rising gas prices. Rep. West will work to return our surplus back where it came from: the taxpayer. That includes eliminating the state income tax on social security once and for all, as well as reducing income taxes and property taxes for all Minnesotans.

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Hwy 65

Tired of Politicians Who Never Take a Stand on Anything? 
Representative West regularly updates his constituents on the issues that actually matter and clearly states where he stands. Just check out some of the dozens of video updates he has published to keep his constituents informed!

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Getting results for Us!
  1. Acquired funding to start construction on Hwy 65 by 2024 at the 99th Ave intersection.
  2. Secured funds to rebuild 105th Ave
  3. Reduced property taxes for small businesses.
  4. Eliminated State Income Tax on Social Security for over 100,000 Minnesota Senior

North Metro TV Interview

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